Glimpses of Grove

 Celebrating Grove Church’s Heritage:

The Rev. Dr. Horace G. Underwood

    Recently, two Korean missionaries visited the Grove Church Cemetery.  They came to see the gravesite of Rev. Dr. Horace Grant Underwood, a missionary of international prominence, who is best known for founding the Korean Presbyterian Church. Horace Underwood died in 1916. At one time, his body had been buried in our cemetery but, as our missionary visitors learned when inquiring about his gravesite, it is now buried in Korea, alongside his wife. The graves of many of his family members, however, still remain here in their family plot at Grove Church Cemetery.

     Dr. Underwood’s roots are here at Grove Church, where the Underwood family were members. You may recall hearing Pastor Ken Tenckinck mention him during his sermon on Homecoming Sunday, October 3. Dr. Underwood joined the membership of our church as a teenager. He later attended New Brunswick Theological Seminary, graduating in 1884. He spent his entire career as a minister, from 1884 to 1916, in Korea establishing many churches, including SaeMoonAn Church, the Presbyterian Church in Korea, and also founded Yonsei University. 

     Some of our members may remember the memorial worship service for Dr. Underwood held at Grove Church on October 12, 1996, marking the 80th anniversary of his death.  It was led by representatives of New Brunswick Theological Seminary, Yonsei University, the New York and New Jersey Korean Church Councils, SaeMoonAn Church, Princeton Seminary, the RCA Korean Church Association, and Elder Henry Girodo of Grove Church.

     A wonderful resource for more information about Dr. Underwood is the New Brunswick Theological Seminary website:  Be sure to watch the video, which mentions Grove Church.