Senior Ministry
Leader: Barbara Banta

Grove Church is in the process of planning a senior ministry.  My own love for the elderly has always been very strong.  Even as a child I was drawn to "older" people; perhaps my disability gave me an affinity for people who were trying to cope with a body that was not as strong as they wished, of less energy than they would like, of wanting to be independent while often in need of assistance.  Living in one of North Bergen's senior buildings, I find myself surrounded by people who struggle with problems of aging, some without the benefit of family or faith. My heart goes out to them as it does to relatives and friends who suffer from dementia and their families who do everything to make life easier for them. 

I often think of a wonderful woman I shared an April birthday with, who was over ninety, and had lived over twenty years in a nursing home.  Viola Volkmar was an inspiration to me then and now.  Her letters were cheerful and she often wrote how blessed she felt because she could see and move around well in her wheel chair.  She used her "gifts" to read and write for other residents and to knit and crochet for the craft group that raised money for the home. She taught me how vibrant and caring people can be at any age and that life does not end when one is in a nursing home.

Grove is a family strong in faith and elder wisdom.  We have great dreams of mentoring each other to become shepherds, helping each other through the difficult transitions of aging, encouraging everyone in their faith. We're hoping to have discussion groups,  programs and speakers for our members as well as our community, so that we will all be trained in elder care no matter where we end up living. We see ourselves reaching out into local nursing homes to bring faith and nurturing to those who are alone.  We see Grove Church one day becoming the " Senior Learning Center" in Hudson County.

  July 2018  
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