Meet the two missionary families Grove Reformed Church sponsors through The RCA.

Profile in Mission: Robert and Linda Schut




Robert (Bob) and Linda Schut have served as RCA missionaries in Mescalero, New Mexico, since 1984.

The Mescalero Apache tribe lives in the south central mountains of New Mexico on a reservation that covers more than 460,000 acres, most of which is forest land with ponderosa pine and douglas fir.

In terms of economic development, the Mescalero tribe is one of the leading tribes of the nation. The tribe has developed employment opportunities through forestry, a saw mill, a luxury inn, and New Mexico's most-used ski area.

The Reformed Church in America began its ministry with the Mescalero Apaches in 1907, and Mescalero Reformed Church was organized with nineteen members two years later.

The ministry of the Mescalero church, say the Schuts, is to help people know Jesus as Savior and to help them claim Jesus as the Lord of their lives. In the past, youth have been the emphasis of this ministry. As a result, one of the strongest areas of the church's life is the participation of young adults in their early twenties. Average worship attendance is about eighty-five, with over half of the worshipers being under sixteen years of age.

"We firmly believe," say the Schuts, "that when people come to know Jesus as their Savior and claim him as their Lord, they will be able to live their lives with power--power to live positive, constructive lives, power to be disciples of Jesus Christ."

Bob and Linda Schut grew up in Clinton, Wisconsin, where Bob's parents were charter members of Emmanuel Reformed Church. Linda, whose home church is First Presbyterian, met Bob during high school. They are both graduates of Northwestern College.

Bob's theological education began in 1971 at New Brunswick Seminary. A summer assignment with the Omaha Indians in Macy, Nebraska, stretched into two years. While they were in Macy, they adopted their first daughter, Patricia. In 1974 Bob again took up theological study, this time at Western Seminary, graduating in 1976. Linda taught elementary school.

Bob served as associate pastor at Sixth Reformed, Holland, Michigan, and as pastor of First Reformed, Colton, South Dakota. Annually, during their six years in Colton, Bob and Linda went with their youth group to Macy, Nebraska, to conduct vacation Bible school. They also found the time and energy to become parents by adoption to four more children--Melinda, Kari, Gary, and Jon--and by birth to one child--Robbie. Each of the adopted children has some percentage of Native American blood.







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